Attorney Profile

The Law Office of Margaret S. Phiambolis is entirely committed to serving clients throughout the Montgomery County region and its surrounding communities as "their lawyer." This means providing clients with the individually tailored legal guidance they need to manage risks and implement practical solutions to their real-world problems.

In doing so, Ms. Phiambolis works diligently to offer clients the compassionate, candid and reliable advice they need. Clients can then make difficult decisions about their lives with confidence, knowing that they are incorporating well-considered guidance provided to them by experienced counsel dedicated to building cornerstone relationships with her clients that last for the long run.

To learn about Ms. Phiambolis' work history, please review the detailed biography provided at the link below.

Experienced Lawyer Serving Entire Montgomery County Area

Ms. Phiambolis invites all potential clients to schedule an initial consult by calling 215-628-8227. She can also be reached online. All communications remain confidential.