Experienced Estate Administration And Probate Lawyer: Montgomery County And Surrounding Areas

Many clients do not understand the complexities, both legal and personal, involved in estate administration and probate. Attorney Margaret S. Phiambolis can provide you with practical solutions to your legal needs.

The Law Office of Margaret S. Phiambolis has spent more than 20 years compassionately serving the estate administration and probate needs of clients throughout Pennsylvania communities, including Montgomery and Bucks counties, among others. As a result, Ms. Phiambolis holds the experienced legal judgment clients need when addressing any number of estate administration and probate matters, including:

  • Executor's duties
  • Probate rules and procedures
  • Administration of assets
  • Accounting
  • Inheritance taxes
  • Orphans' court

Bucks County Estate Administration Attorney

Ms. Phiambolis advises clients with respect to all of their legal options in these matters. In doing so, she helps clients choose wisely from those options even in the midst of emotionally difficult family matters. She works diligently in these situations to provide clients with the level of service that enables them to think of her as "their attorney."

She can provide this level of personalized legal attention because she is committed to serving the needs of clients as people, not just as cases to be processed. She will work with you as a team in order to understand your goals and concerns with respect to estate administration and probate matters.

She partners with you to help you administer the estate effectively or navigate any probate issues you may encounter. Because she is known for providing reliable and candid advice, you can also count on her services to be both effective and efficient.

Montgomery County Probate Attorney

Margaret S. Phiambolis invites all potential clients to schedule an initial consult by calling 215-628-8227. She can also be reached online. All communications remain confidential.