Montgomery County Advance Health Care Directive Lawyer

The Law Office of Margaret S. Phiambolis draws on more than 20 years of legal experience when advising clients regarding wills and trusts. Ms. Phiambolis understands how to address the difficult and sensitive issues involved in effective wills and trusts planning.

For that reason, she emphasizes the compassionate delivery of legal services to clients, all the while diligently working to ensure that clients' rights and wishes are legally documented effectively and enforceable. She knows that wills and trusts often protect family unity as much as they provide for the disposition of money and assets. In consultation with counsel, the clients' testamentary wishes are the guiding principle.

Experienced Lawyer Creating Living Trusts In Bucks County And Surrounding Region

Ms. Phiambolis has dedicated her career to providing clients with the individually tailored legal service that serves as a basis for long-term cornerstone relationships between clients and "their attorney." It is her position that this level of personalized attention maximizes the likelihood of well-crafted wills and trusts in support of clients' interests with regard to a number of matters, including:

  • Guardianship
  • Special needs trusts
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Health care directives
  • Incapacity
  • Orphans' court

Let Ms. Phiambolis help you understand which legal options best serve your goals. Clients regularly appreciate her reliable and candid legal guidance with respect to their end-of-life questions. They know that she is in the corner with them to protect their rights. For that reason, many clients develop the long-term attorney-client relationship with us so we can advise them on an ongoing basis throughout their lives as their goals (and the law) grow and change. They enjoy that they can come to think of Ms. Phiambolis as "their" lawyer.

Montgomery County Area Attorney: Advance Health Care Directives And More

The Law Office of Margaret S. Phiambolis welcomes all potential client inquiries. To schedule an initial consult, call 215-628-8227. Ms. Phiambolis can also be reached online. All communications remain confidential.