There are all sorts of legal issues which may arise when a couple decides to split up, from disagreement and concerns surrounding the division of marital property to negative emotions associated with the divorce process. Disputes over child custody can be particularly tough for many couples, and these situations can also have a significant impact on a child’s life. Moreover, many of these disputes involve young children, which can make the entire ordeal particularly emotional and difficult. Whether you recently celebrated the birth of your child or you have a toddler, it is extremely important to think about their future and carefully work through this aspect of divorce.

Often, very young children have a hard time understanding the changes that are taking place. Unlike older children, which may be able to discuss the dispute with their parents, this may be impossible with children at such a young age. Moreover, their future may be seriously affected by the outcome of a custody dispute and it is pivotal for you to keep their best interests in mind at all times as you approach and make your way through the divorce process. You could have different options in front of you and every custody dispute is different.

Sometimes, couples are able to communicate with each other while bringing their marriage to an end, but many custody disputes are very contentious. You should review all relevant legal topics, such as factors that the court will consider when determining which outcome would serve the best interests of a child.