Pennsylvanian couples who are getting a divorce may not actually need to go to court. Uncontested divorce allows you to skip the intense court battles, though you and your spouse must fit certain qualifications in order to be eligible for it.

FindLaw lists the qualifications necessary to file for an uncontested divorce. First, both parties need to be in agreement over the divorce itself. After you have mutually decided that a split is the best thing for you, you will also need to settle some divorce basics without the aid of a court. This potentially includes matters involving child support payments or child custody, spousal support payments, and property distribution.

Needless to say, agreement on all of these categories without court mediation can be difficult. For this reason, many couples seeking uncontested divorce will also seek out third-party mediators in order to help them make big and difficult decisions.

Uncontested divorces are so desirable because they allow you to skip through all of the most time-consuming, expensive, and emotionally draining legal parts of the divorce battle. As many divorced couples can tell you, going to court was likely one of the most tedious and exhausting parts of the entire process. Many people even think that the legal battle is a necessity, though this isn’t true.

Are you and your spouse mutually decided on divorcing? If so, you need to agree on divorce basics in order to qualify for uncontested divorce. Consider speaking to an attorney to learn more about this possibility.