Child custody hearings can be very stressful for all involved. You obviously want what’s best for your child, but it can be difficult to present your point of view of to the court in a way that resonates. Being prepared for your hearing not only diminishes stress, but it also improves your chance of being successful. Along with following the advice provided by your attorney, Very Well Family offers these tips.

Be sure to use proper courtroom etiquette

You’ll be expected to conduct yourself appropriately in court. When it comes to dressing, wear something conservative that would be appropriate in a business or work setting. Casual clothing or revealing items can reflect poorly on you, even if you’re an amazing parent. Additionally, treat all members of the court with respect and refrain from engaging in arguments with your ex, even if you feel you’re correct. Direct all questions and statements to the judge.

Bring the right documents

You’ll be allowed to present evidence to the court, which is especially important if you’re requesting sole custody. While the items you’ll need to bring can vary, they typically include things like visitation schedules, phone logs, a record of your ex’s financial contributions to your child, and any information regarding past history of abuse or criminal wrongdoing, if applicable.

Know how custody cases are decided

Most courts use the better parent standard when deciding on sole custody cases. In this case, the burden will be on you and your legal team to show that you provide a higher level of care to your child than the other parent. Research the laws in your state for help in getting your case together.