You and your long-time spouse care about each other and your shared lives in Pennsylvania, but you may wonder if you still love each other. To determine whether divorce could be in your shared future, learn what science has to say.

Business Insider gathered several scientific factors that can predict divorce. See if any apply to you and your marriage.

A husband who does not work full-time 

The stereotype about men being the main source of income in a marriage may still impact a marriage’s success. Specifically, it boils down to the division of labor in a household. The wife’s employment status did not influence this finding.

Getting married in your teens or after the age of 32

According to science, your late twenties is the best time to get married. After a person turns 32, her or his chances of divorcing increase by 5% each year. Additionally, marrying someone the same age as you could lower your chances of divorce, as a five-year age gap carries a roughly 20% chance of divorce.

Harboring contempt for your spouse

Criticism, defensiveness and contempt are all behaviors that can lead to a marriage’s downfall. On a related note, impending proper communication within your marriage can start to crumble its foundation.

Poor stress management 

Stress in your personal day-to-day life can trickle over into your marriage and erode it. Stress is an expected part of life, but learning how to manage it and separate it from your spouse and your marriage are key to keeping stress from infecting your relationship.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.