Protecting The Interests Of Business Owners

Today’s business owner faces increasingly complex issues including with employees, vendors, lenders and competitors. Margaret Phiambolis can provide legal counsel to guide you and your business. Your business could benefit from an outside counsel relationship with an attorney who knows your business and understands your goals.

What are your business law concerns? Work with an attorney who has the experience and knowledge to help you find beneficial solutions. Call our office at 215-664-7764 to meet with Margaret Phiambolis.

Practical Commercial Law Solutions For Complex Concerns

Ms. Phiambolis partners with business clients to provide them with the proactive legal guidance they need to identify and manage risk appropriately. She draws on more than 25 years of legal experience.

Margaret Phiambolis provides clients with seasoned legal judgment they can rely on when making difficult decisions. She assists business clients with a wide variety of legal concerns, including, among others:

A detailed familiarity with clients’ business operations enables Ms. Phiambolis to support them with proactive legal advice. As a result, clients can often consider Ms. Phiambolis to be “their attorney.”

We design this front-end legal guidance to identify potential areas of conflict and to prevent expensive legal disputes from arising in the first place. This approach provides our clients with the benefit of legal guidance that is cost-efficient and effective.

An Experienced Business Attorney On Your Side

All potential clients can schedule an initial consult by calling 215-664-7764. Ms. Phiambolis can also be reached online. Communications between potential clients and the firm remain entirely confidential.