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At the Law Office of Margaret S. Phiambolis, accident victims of accidents and injuries and their loved ones, can find the support and guidance they need as they fight for justice. Attorney Margaret Phiambolis has more than 25 years’ experience in assisting clients with various types of personal injury claims, including where a victim has suffered long term or permanent impairments or death.

With her dedication to serving the needs of her clients and a practical approach to every case, Ms. Phiambolis guides you through the claims process. Undaunted by complex cases and frustrating tactics sometimes employed by insurance companies, she will act as a tenacious advocate for those harmed by the reckless or negligent actions of another person or corporation.

Experienced In Personal Injury Claims

Ms. Phiambolis focuses on the interests of her clients, pursuing compensation that effectively addresses all post-accident needs, including for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and economic losses that extend in to the future. She takes injury cases arising from:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: From drunk driving accident victims to pedestrians struck while walking in a parking lot, this law firm offers aggressive advocacy in a time of great need. Victims of any type of motor vehicle collision have the right to pursue full and fair compensation.
  • Premises liability incidents: Dangerous property conditions, unmarked hazards and negligent maintenance can cause visitors to public or private property to suffer harm. The owner or manager of the property may be financially liable for slip and fall or other injuries.
  • Other negligent or intentional wrongs: These include defamation, invasion of privacy, and trespass.

Car accident victims and victims of other injuries caused by negligence can rely on the experience, dedication and practical guidance of attorney Phiambolis as they seek to get better and move forward after an accident.

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